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At endopeel, we specialize in innovative techniques for various aesthetic concerns. When it comes to treating bingo wings in females and biceps projection in males, we employ distinct approaches tailored to each gender's unique needs.

For Females seeking to address Bingo Wings

  • What do we propose
    A combination of endopeel injections and targeted exercices
  • How do Endopeel Injections work
    by stimulating collagen production & tightening the skin
  • Expected Results
    Reducing the appearance of sagging or flabby arms
  • Effectiveness
    in Toning & Sculpting the upper arms
  • Conclusion
    Helping women to achieve a more defined & youthful look

For Males asking for Biceps Projection

  • Focusing on
    Enhancing muscle definition & volume appearance
  • Through a precise injection process
    we can selectively target the biceps muscles,promoting growth & improving overall projection
  • This approach is ideal for men looking to achieve
    a more muscular & sculpted appearance in their upper arms


  • Acknowledge
    Distinct Goals & Anatomical Considerations for each gender

    Endopeel Trained Practicioners understand the nuances involved and ensure that the treatments are tailored to meet the specific needs and desired outcomes of each individual.

  • By separating the techniques used to treat bingo wings in females and biceps projection in males
    we can provide targeted solutions that yield optimal results for patients.

    Whether you're looking to achieve toned and firm arms or enhance your biceps' appearance, our endopeel techniques can help you achieve your aesthetic goals with precision and expertise.