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History of Biceps Projection

  • Over the years, it has been an increase in the number of males seeking out cosmetic surgery as aesthetic medicine.
  • Despite attempts at betterment through physical activity and weight training, some men are unable to achieve their desired outward appearance.
  • For that reason, they present to a medical aesthetic practicioner ( cosmetic surgeon, plastic surgeon,cosmetic dermatologist ..) for a host of procedures aimed at improving body contour.
  • Fat Grafting is definitely something that males prefer to avoid, it seems that more males are concerned with having a muscular body which is believed to be associated with attractiveness to both sex and a sign of masculinity .

Why Endopeel for Biceps Projection ?

  • No Fillers

  • Not Fat Grafting

  • Possibility tochange the shape at any moment ,adapting to the age as fashion style.

  • Scarless

  • Immediate Result

failed techniques

Chronologic Evolution

  • The advent of Endopeel for reshaping various muscle groups has brought patients to Endopeel Specialists seeking projection as nice shape when other measures have failed to give them a more “sculpted” body.
  •  Projection of the biceps is one of the muscle groups that lends itself to immediate results with significant improvement in the contour of the male form, with a potential to improve a male’s overall impression of himself.