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Indications of Endopeel for bingo wings

  • Introduction & Goals

    When it comes to our physical appearance, our arms play a significant role in how we feel about ourselves. Unfortunately, as we age, many of us may develop what is commonly referred to as "bingo wings" - loose and sagging skin on the upper arms. While exercise and a healthy lifestyle can help tone the muscles in this area, sometimes medical treatment is necessary to achieve the desired results. 

  • Most Effective Treatment

    One of the most effective treatments for bingo wings is Endopeel, a revolutionary medical procedure developed by Dr.Alain Tenenbaum & Sr.Mauro Tiziani in Switzerland. Endopeel is a non-surgical technique that involves injecting a patented special solution into the arms, which helps to tighten and firm the skin, giving it a more youthful and toned appearance. 

Endopeel is best technique to treat Bingo Wings

3 Main Indications

  • There are several indications for considering Endopeel as a solution for bingo wings.
  • It's important to note that while Endopeel is a safe and effective treatment, it should always be performed by a qualified and experienced medical professional, who will be able to assess the  individual needs and determine if Endopeel is the right choice.
  • In conclusion, if you are struggling with bingo wings and are looking for a non-surgical solution that can provide noticeable results, Endopeel may be the answer. Whether you have tried other methods without success, have loose skin due to weight loss, or simply want a quick fix for a special occasion, Endopeel offers a targeted and effective approach to achieving toned and youthful-looking arms. 

Various Exercices & Diet Plans without Results

Endopeel works by directly addressing the underlying causes of sagging skin

Underlying Causes of sagging skin are :
-loss of collagen
-loss of elastin

which cant be easily reversed through exercise alone

significant amount of weight loss & excess skin in the upper arm area

Endopeel can help restore a smoother and more contoured look

This treatment is particularly beneficial for individuals who have undergone bariatric surgery or other weight loss procedures and are now dealing with excess skin in the upper arm area

special event coming up where the patient wants to feel confident and look his best

Endopeel can provide a quick and effective solution

Unlike surgical procedures, Endopeel has minimal downtime and discomfort, allowing the patient to resume his/her normal activities shortly ( 3-5 days) after treatment.

Why do patients prefer Endopeel for Arm Lift

no surgery

Patients  prefer another option than surgery if possible

Patients wishing :
-no scar
- no pain
- no downtime
- no anaesthesy


Patients are looking now for real effects instead of Placebo Treatments which are too much advertised through influencers as in commercial medical events.  

  • Most machines categorized as medical devices as miraculous fake products have no improvement on arm lift.
  • Patients asking for an effective non surgical treatment  are good candidates for Endopeel, if the indications are well selected.

Benefits of Endopeel vs Other Methods in Arm Lift Treatment


As Endopeel techniques are for arms, a medical technique, no scars at the difference of surgery will appear .


There is no need of anaesthesy as it s painless.

Immediate Result

An immediate result can be seen in 1/2 hour but results will improve after 3 days, 1 month and so on

No downtime

Anyone can go on working immediately after the procedure .

Improvement on Anterior View

The aesthetic result can be seen on anterior view easily.

Improvement on Posterior View

The aesthetic result is seen easily on posterior view.

No Complications

None complications have been reported since 23 years worldwide

No Surgery

Surgery can be the only valid indication  in case of big amount of skin excess and/or fat excess.

No threads

Threads arent the best solution but can be used in  association with Endopeel Techniques

Preservation of Anatomy

Lymphatic trunks are preserved, which avoid any lymphorea  (edema by traumatism of superficial lymphatics) .

Absence of Lymphorea

No Lymphedema

No Edema

If a compressive garment is done for 3 consecutive days after procedure, no edema may appear

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