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Contra Indications of  Endopeel techniques for a medical brachial lift

Our classification for this chapter will be as following :

  • the main contra indication : too much fat and/or too much skin
    which is the most frequent one
  • the specific contra indications
    just valid for females
  • the common contra indications
    valid for all genders

Slogan : Too much fat and/or too much skin 

represent the main contra indications for a female endopeel arm lift or brachial lift.

under arm fat

Excess of Under Arm Fat

In case of excess of under arm fat, endopeel techniques would never reach the expectations of the patient and/or the physician. Best solution is 1 st to make a lipoplasty or directly a surgical brachioplasty.

under arm skin excess

Skin Excess in Under Arm

Too much skin excess cannot be resolved with Endopeel Techniques.Such skin excess needs a surgical arm lift or brachioplasty.

Specific Contrindications for Females



  • Pregnancy or plans for future pregnancies can also be a contraindication for a medical arm lift. The significant changes that occur during pregnancy, including weight gain and hormonal fluctuations, can affect the results of the procedure. It is generally recommended to wait until after completing all desired pregnancies before undergoing a medical arm lift.
  •  Overall, it is crucial to have a thorough consultation with a qualified medical professional to determine the eligibility for a medical arm lift.



Breast Feeding

Breast Feeding is better to consider as an absolute contrindication for any injected product