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arms 3x
Endopeel is best technique to treat Bingo Wings


no surgery

Patients who prefer an other option than surgery 

Patients wishing :
-no scar
- no pain
- no downtime
- no anaesthesy


No Placebo Treatment

Some products especially machines and miraculous fake products have no improvement on arm lift. Patients asking for a true effective non surgical treatment  are good candidates for Endopeel, if the indications are well selected.

No Complications

None complications have been reported since 18 years worldwide

No Surgery

Surgery can be needed in case of skin excess and/or fat excess.

No threads

Threads arent the best solution but can be a good association with Endopeel Techniques

Preservation of Anatomy

Lymphatic trunks are preserved, which avoid any lymphorea  (oedema by traumatism of superficial lymphatics) 

Absence of Lymphorea

No Lympho-oedema

No Oedema

If a compressive garment is done for 3 consecutive days after procedure, no oedema will appear



As Endopeel techniques are for arms, a medical technique, no scars at the difference of surgery will appear .


There is no need of anaesthesy as it s painless.

Immediate Result

An immediate result can be seen in 1/2 hour but results will improve after 3 days, 1 month and so on

No downtime

Anyone can go on working immediately after the procedure .

Improvement on Anterior View

The aesthetic result can be seen on anterior view easily.

Improvement on Posterior View

The aesthetic result is seen easily on posterior view.